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Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Tulum Coffee
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This 2022 Arabica coffee was aged in whiskey barrels for a few days at the green bean stage. This unique and experimental process allowed the coffee to infuse some of the whiskey characteristics. Though present, these liquor-like notes are very mild and refreshing on the palate.

🏠 Estate - Udayagiri

⛰ Altitude - 4100+ ft

🔃 Process - Whiskey Barrel Aged

pre-ageing process: washed

🚥 Roast level - Medium

📍Location - Hosapura, Karnataka 

🍓 Cuppers Notes - Syrupy sweetness • bright acidity • mild liquor notes.

⚙️ Suggested equipment -  AeroPress, Pour-Over (Manual brews)

*No added sugar, honey, fruit, flavour, chicory or preservatives.


About the estate

In 1925, the Udayagiri estate, located at Hosapura village, Chikmagalur district of Karnataka state, was added to their family known as the Kalasaiah family.

The estate is located at an altitude of 4000+ feet and is in the best zone of Western Ghats, locally famous as 'Giri'.
The coffee grown is amid varieties of trees like orange, fig, jackfruit, white teak, silver oak, rose oak and jungle woods, which provides natural manure and fewer chemicals and fertilizer.