Different types of roast profiles

Roasting is a process where heat is supplied to the green bean, which makes its colour change from green to a desired brown colour, depending on the roast profile.


What is a roast profile? 

A roast profile is a description of how much a coffee bean has been roasted. It is like a recipe. A roast profile can be light, medium or dark and each of these profiles have their own "recipes".

There can be hundreds and thousands of different roast profiles, according to the type of coffee beans, their flavours, origin, and other aspects.


Let's talk about these roast profiles.

  • Light- The colour of the beans is light brown
    • They have a matt texture, as no oil has been secreted yet
    • Mild bodied 
    • Origins and the flavour of the beans are very distinct and prominent,
    • Best for manual brewing methods like AeroPress, Pour Overs
    • AKA- 'Light city', "cinnamon roast'.


    • Medium -The beans are medium brown
      • Non - Oily surface
      • Slightly sweeter than light roast
      • AKA "city roast', 'America roast'.


      • Medium Dark -The beans are a darker shade of brown than medium roast
        • Some oil on the bean's surface
        • Heavy bodied
        • Bittersweet aftertaste
        • Flavour and aroma are prominent
        • Less acidic
        • AKA 'Full city roast'.
        • Dark - Shiny black coloured beans
          • Oily surface
          • Almost no Origin flavours and characteristic 
          • Bitter aftertaste
          • Darker the roast lesser the acidity. 
          • Heavy bodied
          • AKA- 'Italian', "French roast'.


          Which roast profile to chose? 


          • Light or a medium roast
            • If you brew at home with any manual methods such as the French Press, or Moka Pot.
            • If you like your coffee acidic and sweet
            • If you want origin flavours of the beans such as Floral, fruity, winey.
            • If you like your coffee light
            • If you drink your coffee black


          • Medium-dark or a Dark roast
            • If you use an automatic machine like a bean to cup or an espresso machine.
            • If you like dark, chocolatey flavours
            • If you like Medium or full-bodied coffee
            • If you want your coffee strong
            • If you add milk and, or sugar to your coffee.


          These are the characteristics of the four roast profiles. Now you know! And this can help you decide what Roast profiles you would like.





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