AeroPress Recipe

HOW TO: Standard AeroPress. 

 Things you need 

  1. Aero Press
  2. Fine to Medium Coarse Ground Coffee beans
  3. Good quality water (Filtered)

Coffee to Water Ratio 1: 16.5

12 gms : 200ml 


Step 1

Boil the water and grind the coffee. Remember to turn off the heat just before the water starts to bubble. ( remember to boil about 100ml extra, for wetting the filter and pre heating the cup)


Put the paper filter in the filter cap and fix the cap on the bottom chamber.

Step 3 

Place the chamber with the filter on a mug and wet the filter paper with hot water, to remove the papery taste, while also preheating the cup. (remember to drain the cup)

Step 4

Add all the ground coffee in the chamber and shake it to level the coffee.

Step 5

Pour enough water to submerge all the coffee, and stir in one direction to ensure all the coffee is immersed well in the water.

Step 6 

Let the coffee bloom for about 30 Seconds.

Step 7 

Pour the rest of the water, And insert the plunger in the chamber and pull it a little bit till you feel the suction.

Step 8

Let it steep for about 3 minutes.

Step 9 

Gently Press the plunger down So the coffee drips into the cup.



(Have it black or add a little bit of milk and sugar)