How To - French Press

Things you need:

  1. French Press
  2. Coarse Ground Coffee beans
  3. Good quality water (Filtered)


Coffee to water ratio 12:1 

350ml : 29 gms 

French Press illustration drawing

Step 1

Boil the water. Remember to turn the heat just before the water starts to bubble.


Step 2 

Put all of the ground coffee in the French press cylinder (Freshly ground will give the best flavours)


Step 3 

Pour water till all the coffee is evenly saturated. ( approx 60 gms of water)


Step 4

Stir the grounds in 1 motion to evenly immerse all the coffee grounds


Step 5

Let the coffee bloom for about 20 seconds


Step 6

Pour the rest of the water (approx 290 gms of water)


Step 7 

Let the coffee steep for at least 4 minutes


Step 8

Press the plunger all the way down


Step 9 

Serve and sip!

(Have it black or add a little bit of milk and sugar)


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