How to make Coffee with a Channi

We do not make instant coffee • Our Coffees will not dissolve in liquid.

Channi Coffee:

Channi Coffee (Tea strainer coffee) Make coffee without equipmentCoarse coffee powder, the dark roast


 What you need: 

  1. Freshly roasted & ground coffee. ( This grind will also work for a French Press)
  2. A Channi (Tea strainer). 
  3. Hot Water
  4. Milk & Sugar (Optional)


  • Add approximately 2 tablespoons of coffee in a cup 
  • Add 150 ml of hot water to that cup*
  • Leave the coffee to infuse for 3:30 minutes
  • Use a Channi (Tea strainer) to strain the concentrate
  • Add more hot water, hot milk &/or Sugar to taste


*Do not boil the coffee with the water.