How To - Moka Pot

Things you need:

  • Fine ground coffee
  • Good quality water ( filtered)
  • Cloth

Moka Pot illustrations

Step 1

Heat water


Step 2

Pour hot water into the bottom chamber up till the screw


Step 3

Add the ground coffee into the funnel.


Step 4

Insert the funnel in the bottom chamber 


Step 5

Tighten the top chamber onto the bottom chamber carefully using a cloth


Step 6

Keep the moka pot on a stove on medium heat


Step 7

Wait for the water to boil and let the coffee start oozing


Step 8

Once you hear the hissing sound turn of the stove and take the moka pot down


Step 9

Run tap water on the bottom chamber to cool down the moka pot


Step 10

Pour the espresso shot it in a cup


Step 11


(Have it black or add a little bit of milk and / or sugar)

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