Tulum Coffee turns 2! - The story

After months of hard work and tenacity, just like that, in the blink of an eye, we have completed 2 successful years of roasting fresh coffee and bringing you the finest cup.

As we look back at this adventurous journey, it only fills our hearts with immense joy and gratitude to be able to come this far. And indeed, none of this would be possible without your unwavering support and encouragement.

As we complete 2 years today, we’d like to relook at our journey right from the beginning and narrate a few highlights of this endeavour for you.


Before the Launch

Our adrenaline was rushing high. The day we anticipated for months was finally here, 

23rd March 2020 - The day we were to sign the agreement for our roastery & office. Which also happens to be the first day of the COVID Lockdown. 

Our eyes gleamed with joy, looking forward to new beginnings, but only to realise that none of it would happen. It took us 7 months from that day to reach the launch.

Wooden crates with coffee roasting machine inside

Wooden crates with coffee roasting machine inside 

But 2 years later, here we are. Celebrating the sweet success of completing 2 years - standing strong, eyes gleaming with joy and our adrenaline still rushing high.

The Launch:

On 18th October 2020 at 12:00 PM, we introduced Tulum Coffee to the world! Unfortunately, precisely 10 minutes after publishing the website, the electricity grid in our area went down with no clue about what was happening at the backend and forefront. So we instead decided to take it easy, opened a bottle of wine and looked forward to orders coming in.

As soon as the internet was back, our notifications were rampant. Cha-ching! one order. Cha-ching ten more orders. Cha-Ching!


The Coffees:

We started our coffee journey with just two estates: Kerehaklu & Thogarihunkal. 

Tulum Coffee | Thogarihunkal Estate - The loyal one - Chocolatey

One of the first photoshoots of the coffees

After a warm and supportive response from all of you, we launched 18 more coffees with distinct flavours and aromas from 8 different estates. Bringing you only the finest coffees from India.


Estates In the order of their launch:

  • Thogarihunkal -  Red 
  • Kerehaklu -  Blue 
  • Ratnagiri -  Green 
  • PKC Kudiraipainjan -  Orange 
  • Baarbara -  Tan 
  • Yelagudige -  Peach 
  • Udayagiri -  Aqua 
  • Harley -  Navy Green 

Tulum Coffee shelf | All coffees. Light roast, dark roast, medium roast coffees. All varieties of coffees on shelf

All of the coffees that we have launched


Tulum Connects:


Isn’t coffee supposed to bring people together? So, as coffee roasters at Tulum, we took our responsibility seriously.

The idea behind this campaign was to reconnect people to their roots. Imagine receiving a heartfelt note from your loved ones that lived miles away?

With digitalisation, we have forgotten the charm of sending over a heartfelt note, and especially with the COVID lockdown, most of us have only resorted to a simple WhatsApp message. So we created a memorable and unique segment called- Tulum Connects in the first month of launching. It was A free-of-cost service during the lockdown where everyone and anyone could write a message to their loved ones. 


We would then handwrite that letter and mail them.



We sent over more than 100 postcards in a week! 100 postcards, 100 smiles!

Coffee letters in a box | Tulum Coffee

letters in a box going to the post office 


Here are some data from the past two years:

  • 10000+ people have tried, tested and validated Tulum Coffee
  • We have roasted tonnes of coffee.
  • We are associated with 15+ renowned cafes and restaurants all across the country, gradually spreading our mark.
  • We are available on 10 different marketplaces ( Cred, amazon, sixteen grams etc.)


  • Most Sold Product - Thogarihunkal - Red
  • Over 50% Of people have bought Whole Beans.
  • Over 40% of the orders have come from Maharashtra.

Tulum Coffee kiosk at Jio world drive mall in BKC, Mumbai Serving coffee, cookies, cake and cold brews

 Tulum Coffee Kiosk

Not to forget the support we have gotten from different media publications.

Here are a few prominent ones that helped us pave our path.

Sprudge media - Tulum Coffee article and blog about designBarista magazine - Tulum Coffee article - Indian coffee, packaging design , Coffee farmsLBB - Little black book coffee feature on Tulum Coffee Mumbai

Whats hot bangalore featuring Tulum - Specialty Coffee roasters from Mumbai

INC 42 media - top ten - tulum Coffee feature best coffees and data on coffee business in India


The last 2 years were a roller coaster ride.

We had our own share of ups and downs. But as we step into a new year, we only promise to look forward to things ahead with a warm heart while sipping a hot cup of coffee. While making sure that we only bring you the best coffee.

And in this journey, Tulum Coffee is wholeheartedly grateful to the entire team. We could not do this without them!

Pallav, Devanshi, Nisar, Mubina, Yasina and Kamlesh

The new members of our family - Nagesh and Snehannita.

See you in a year - with more milestones to achieve and coffee to brew!

From all of us -

Take care,
Tulum Coffee.
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