100g - Thogarihunkal 3.0 Sampler

100g - Thogarihunkal 3.0 Sampler

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Red | Thogarihunkal Washed

This 2022 Thogarihunkal washed coffee is Truly chocolatey. It is sweet and Medium-heavy-bodied with low acidity. We really like this as an Espresso due to its Cocoa notes, and as Cold Brew, due to its natural sweetness. With the Aroma and sweetness of jaggery, this one has a finish of Peanut Brittle notes. This one is an all-rounder coffee. works perfectly as a black coffee or with milk. Brews a delicious manual/ filter brew as well. Its is our loyal one

🍫 Flavour Notes -  Chocolate, Jaggery, Peanut Brittle / Chikki

🔃 Process - Washed

🚥 Roast level - Medium

⛰ Altitude - 3800 - 4200ft

📍 Location - Chikmagalur, Karnataka

⚙️ Suggested equipment: Espresso, Cold Brew

*No added sugar, honey, fruit, flavour, chicory or preservatives.


About the Estate

Thogarihunkal has been making great coffee since 1857 and has mastered the art of growing Speciality coffee by experimenting with different processing methods. They have been awarded the Best Cup of India award several times.